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Sire: Aust Ch Cuebiyar War OfThe Roses HSAs
Dam: Aust Ch Cuebiyar WindInThWillows HT
DOB: 21st March 2006
Colour: Red c/w
Eyes: Amber, Clear 2006
Height: TBA
Mouth: Scissor Bite, Full Dentition
Hips: TBA
DNA: CEA/CH Genotype - Normal by parentage

Thowra is maturing very nicely & has some lovely bone along with a good topline & head.

He is showing ALOT of natural ability at herding, more-so than his father at this age, at only 7mths of age & only having seen sheep 3 days before, he passed his first trial 'Herding Instinct certificate' HIC, winning first place overall & 'High test in Trial'

Again on the 3rd December 9mths of age he gained the two passes in the 'Herding Test' HT at a trial, also placing first place overall again, with judges comments 'nice steady worker', 'Dog working well, keep up the work, LOTS of potential, Good Job!!

His next trial will be in mid 2007, when we will got for the 'Pre Trial'

We look forward to seeing what this lovely dog can continue to do.

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