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Scandal's All Breed Wins……
thank you to the following judges:

17th Nov 2002Mrs. E. Gunter (NSW)6pts BOB
23rd Nov 2002E. Forbes (NSW)6pts BOB
14th Dec 2002Ms Y. Smith-Eberhardt (TAS)6pts BOB
11th Jan 2003Mrs. S. Smith (NSW)7pts BOB
12th Jan 2003Mr. A. Jones (TAS)7pts BOB
18th Jan 2003Mrs. S.Bendixon (QLD)7pts BOB
********* Minor Puppy In Group *********
19th Jan 2003Miss C. Pearen (QLD)7pts BOB
********* Minor Puppy In Group *********
********* Minor Puppy In Show *********
8th Feb 2003Mr. G. Eavons (Canada)7pts BOB
7th March 2003  Mrs. J. Georgiou (NSW) 6pts BOB
8th March 2003Mrs. T. Carter (Canada)  6pts BOB
10th May 2003 Mrs. A. Courtney (NSW) 6pts BOB
17th May 2003 Mr. R. Mushet (VIC) 7pts BOB
21st June 2003 Mrs. D. Wayward (Vic)8pts BOB
28th June 2003  Mrs. C. Raven (VIC)  8pts BOB
12th July 2003Mrs. M. Foord (NSW)6pts
26th July 2003 Mr. S. Munton (TAS)  8pts BOB
10th Oct 2003 Mr. M. Tougas (Canada)8pts BOB
********* Junior In Group Launceston Royal *********
15th Nov 2003   Mr. K. Cronchey (VIC) 8pts BOB
10th Jan 2004 Mr. B. Marquette (NSW) 8pts BOB
11th Jan 2004 Mrs. L. Thomas Van Der Weide (NSW) 8pts BOB
********* Intermediate in Group **********
26th Jan 2004 Mrs. C. Vaughan (TAS)  9pts BOB
********* Intermediate In Group **********
31st Jan 2004 Mr. R. Norris (TAS)9pts BOB
********* Intermediate In Group ***********
1st Feb 2004  Mr. M. LeCussan (NSW)  9pts BOB
********* Intermediate In group ************
3rd April 2004 Mrs. L. Collins (QLD)6pts BOB
17th April 2004 Mr. K. Hammond (TAS)6pts BOB
********* 1/5/2004 - Intermediate In Group *************
15th May 2004  Mr. M. Wilkinson (???) 6pts BOB
22nd May 2004  Mrs. S. Mashford (VIC) 8pts BOB
********* Intermediate In Group *************
24th July 2004 Mr. G. Love (NSW)  8pts BOB
31st July 2004 Mrs. E. Maitland (SA)7pts BOB
4th Sept 2004 Miss J. McDonald (VIC) 10pts BOB
7th Oct 2004  Mr. G. Eva (Sth Africa)7pts BOB
********* Runner Up Best In Group - Launceston Royal Show *********
********* Intermediate In Group - Launceston Royal Show *********
********* 1st in Sweepstakes - Hobart Royal Show *********
16th Oct 2004 Mr G. Maulden (SA) 7pts BOB
13th Nov 2004   Mr R. Besoff (NSW)6pts BOB
14th Nov 2004 Mrs. K. Klap (TAS) 6pts BOB
20th Nov 2004   J. Stanton (NZ)   9pts BOB
8th Jan 2005  Mr I. Smith (NZ) 8pts BOB
********* Intermediate In Group *********
9th Jan 2005 Ms E. Ekstom (NZ)8pts BOB
15th Jan 2005 Mr B. Sonter (TAS) 10pts BOB
16th Jan 2005   Mrs. V. Morrow (NSW) 10pts BOB
12th Feb 2005Mrs. M. Hickie (NSW) 7pts BOB
20th Feb 2005 Mr T. Dixon (NSW) 8pts BOB
5th March 2005  Mr S. E. Rose (NSW) 7pts BOB
********* Intermediate In Group *********
19th March 2005Mr. J. Rice (SA)7pts (beaten by Fern for BOB)
16th April 2005 Mr D. Hyde (ACT)   8pts BOB
17th April 2005 Mrs. B. Stepkovitch (NSW) 8pts BOB
23rd April 2005 Mrs. M.. Merchant (SA) 7pts BOB
********* Intermediate In Group *********
24th April 2005 Mrs. J. McMurtrie (QLD)8pts BOB
18th June 2005 Ms K.Monk (VIC)8pts BOB
25th June 2005 Mr M. Tonks (TAS)8pts BOB
9th July 2005 Mrs A.K.Watt (VIC)7pts BOB
16th July 2005 Mr John Rowles(NSW)7pts BOB
********* Australian Bred In Group *********
23rd July 2005 Mr R. Lowe (TAS)7pts BOB
30th July 2005 Mr K. McMillan (NSW)7pts BOB
31st July 2005 Mr G. Missen (VIC)6pts BOB
6th August 2005 Mr W. Stevenson (NSW)7pts BOB
27th August 2005 Mrs P. Scales (NSW)8pts BOB
9th October 2005 Mr D. Tidswell (SA)7pts BOB
15th October 2005 Mrs B. Hession (NSW)7pts BOB
13th Nov 2005 Mrs D. Patterson (SA)10pts BOB
19th Nov 2005 Mrs S. Gartner (NSW)8pts BOB
26th Nov 2005 Mr. HP. Luyten (VIC)8pts BOB
10th Dec 2005 Mr J. Connell (TAS)10pts BOB
14th January 2006 Mr M. Camac (SA)7pts BOB
26th January 2006 Mrs S. Tringham (QLD)7pts BOB
28th January 2006 Mr E. Soti (SA)7pts BOB
********* Australian Bred In Group *********
29th January 2006 Mr W. Egan (SA)7pts BOB
11th February 2006 Mrs P. McLeod (QLD)10pts BOB
12th February 2006 Mrs M. Archer (NSW)10pts BOB
26th February 2006 Mr R. Curtis (NSW)7pts BOB
4th March 2006 Miss M. Patten (NSW)8pts BOB
6th May 2006 Mrs G. Gilbranson (NZ)8pts BOB
********* Australian Bred In Group *********
7th May 2006 Dr Lim ( Singapore)8pts BOB
20th May 2006 Mrs J Horton (VIC)8pts BOB
21st May 2006 Mrs J. Edwards8pts BOB
10th June 2006 Ms L. E. Dorr (QLD)7pts BOB
24th June 2006 Mrs K. Sherlock (QLD)7pts BOB
Shortlisted for BIS and also won 'Parent & Progeny" class with 3 of his puppies in the specialty classes.
8th July 2006 Mrs H. Cramer (NSW)6pts BOB
15th July 2006 Mrs D. Fenton (NSW)9pts BOB
5th August 2006 Mrs H. Pedersen (NSW)7pts BOB
12th August 2006 Mrs C. Stoate (VIC)9pts BOB
19th August 2006 Mrs D. Cornellsen (Canada)8pts BOB
26th August 2006 Mr D. Hyde (ACT)6pts BOB
12th Oct 2006 Mr Helge Wernerhagen (Norway)12pts BOB (Launceston Royal)
18th Nov 2006 Mr R. Bell(VIC)7pts BOB
19th Nov 2006 Mrs G. Rhodes (VIC)7pts BOB
25th Nov 2006 Mrs S. Patterson (NSW)12pts BOB
16th Dec 2006 Mr E. Thick (SA)8pts BOB
13th Jan 2007 Mrs G. Cook (VIC)10pts BOB
20th Jan 2007 Mrs Verco (SA)RUBOB
********* Australian Bred In Group, Australian Bred In Show *********
26th Jan 2007 Mr D. Bowe (NSW)10pts BOB
27th Jan 2007 Mrs L. Stevens (ACT)10pts BOB
28th Jan 2007 Mrs A. Bowe (NSW)10pts BOB
10th Feb 2007 Mr L. H. Wilberg (Norway)11pts BOB
25th Feb 2007 Mr David Strachan (NSW)11pts BOB

Scandal has also been RUBOB at Hobart Royal Show in 2003 & 2004.

Scandal’s Specialty Show Awards

At his first specialty show in 2004, Scandal attended the NSW Australian Shepherd's club show under American judge: Mrs. J. Nonhof (USA) who was very impressed with his type & movement.

  • 1st Place Intermediate Dog
  • ********* Best Intermediate Australian Shepherd in Show *********
  • 1st Place Gaited Dog (beating Royal BOB & BIS winners)
  • Top 5 in Best Headed Dog

Scandal attended his second specialty show in Victoria Nov 2006:

  • Judge: Mrs S. Greendale-Paveza (USA)
  • 3rd in the huge Australian Bred Dog class beating BIS & Royal winners
  • Her critique was: 'A blue merle dog with beautiful balance & a lovely side gait'

Scandal’s other certificates achieved:

  • Hobart Canine Obedience Club Grade 1 certificate
  • Hobart Canine Obedience Club Grade 2 certificate
  • Hobart Canine Obedience Club Beginner Agility Qualifying Certificate
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Herding Trial Certificate HIT – 1st pass
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Herding Trial Certificate HIT – 2nd pass
  • HIT – Herding Instinct test achieved
  • (Also placed 2nd in an unofficial pre-trial that same weekend, gaining a pass, as well as achieving ‘Runner up High in Trial’)
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Herding Trial Cert – Herding Started – 1st pass
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Herding Trial Cert – Herding Started – 2nd pass
  • Achieved in March 2005 High In Trial in Herding Started Test B Course – NQ
  • Herding Test - two passes under Mr Mark Stapleton (VIC) & Mr Syd Munton (TAS)
    HT - Herding Test title acheived
    Vic judge did comment that Scandal has ability & would continue to improve.
    Also placing overall second for the herding Test: 7 entered.
  • PT – Pre Trial title achieved
  • 25th June 06, passed "Herding Started A course - sheep"
  • 3rd December 2006: Herding Trial - Herding Started A Course Sheep
    • Mr Syd Munton (Tas) - 2nd pass - 92/100
    • Ms Wendy Heine (VIC) - 3rd pass - 82/100 (3rd place) and new HSAs title

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