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The first pony I can remember that I leased from ‘Acton Riding School’ for a year, he was loaned to us by Mrs White who owned the property after I had an accident & had lost my nerve:


Toby was a 10.hh Shetland gelding, bay with a star & I think a couple of white socks, I owe him a lot & I know people say you have one horse in a lifetime you connect with, & with him I did.

When we moved to another agistment center, I was so upset to leave him behind, but when I visited a few years later, & he was still there but was retired due to being in his 30’s, he ran up to me neighing, so for an hour I got to be with him, he had NEVER forgotten me, I know he died in early 1980’s.


Mr Pepper

Pepper was my first pony; he is an 11.1hh Welsh Gelding, when younger he was a lovely dark dapple grey, 4 stockings, and stripe.

When I first saw him my mother was talking to a girl riding a pony, & I was asked if I wanted a short ride, I said yes & I still remember that ride, it was like we clicked.

A few weeks late Pepper became mine, & he taught me so much, I know at any show we went to Pepper would play up unless I rode him about, his biggest fear was speakers, when younger he had an accident with a speaker at a show, so eveytime he heard the crackling, he’d tense up & if I didn’t ride him he buck on me.

I am glad mum never sold him now, as he taught me the real meaning of love, we did a lot of activities together, including Showing including Royals, Games, Show jumping, One Day Events, Trail Rides, Harness, & even riding inside my parents house. Pepper is still alive (2005) & will be 33 in August, we have been together for 26 years now & I consider him my best friend.

Pepper passed away 14th Feb 2006, my best friend was put to rest.


Miss Bambi

Bambi was my second pony, a 12.3hh Connemara cross Welsh (I think) mare, white with flea-bitten throughout her coat.

Bambi arrived the day before my birthday in 1995, I had tried her out a few weeks before & hadn’t minded her, but my parents had said no more.

The first day I rode her with my sister, it happened to be garbage collection, so we spent an entire ride shying, snorting, and jumping along the street.

I actually didn’t ride Bambi much when I first got her, as I had Pepper & Bambi was a pain to ride in my opinion (it would change), as she’d shy at anything & buck occasionally if you even lifted the whip.

It wasn’t until pepper was leased out for 3 months that I started to ride her, & then I realized what a great mare this was, she was gutsy, loved to jump, & would give her all for you.

Bambi won my first reserve Champion at a show, after she placed second to the pony that got champion, all I remember is crying as I was so happy, that same day I also won 1st place in a large rider class for ages 16-18yrs.

Bambi was a great show pony, but was brilliant just to ride about & be with.

It was in October 1990 that she begin to lose weight, we got the vet up for blood tests & they came back ok, she soon begin to just stand about, in early November I took her for a bareback ride out along the highway, a slow walk & she seemed happy, but I did begin to worry about her.

On the 20th November 1990 Bambi was put to rest, aged 30yrs, it was my decision as she had lost more weight & had trouble getting up after laying down, she would spend all her time standing in the creek by herself, I stayed with her as she had always been there for me, I lost a true friend.


Marshdale Jezzabelle

“Bumpy” was a Thoroughbred x Welsh section B, mare, 14.1hh a lovely dark dappled mahogany bay, with a star, & grey hairs on one hind leg, foaled 30/3/75, brought on 2nd Jan 1988, Bumpy was very different to what I had experienced before, she was very timid as had been abused, & to ride, someone at one stage had forced her on the bit, as she leaned into your hands, though she improved, she would be ok for a few months then would go into a bucking frenzy & panic, so we think she may have injured herself before I got her.

Bumpy was sold as a broodmare & I think she may have had one foal, I am not sure if she is still alive, but hope she is happy wherever she is.


Frosty Boy

 Frosty was a Welsh Pony Gelding, white/grey with a pink nose, he was 12.1hh born in 1976, he was originally leased to my sister when her pony went lame, she rode him for a few years then we moved, a year later he came to our property & spent a year not doing a lot, I started to ride him & found him a very nice pony, & boy could he move, he had amazing extensions, he did bolt on the odd occasion & was quite scary for anyone on top of him, he was sold in the early 1990’s to a family & the last I heard was a well behaved pony & loved by all.


Pentland Rowdy

Rowdy was a Shetland Gelding chestnut with grey hairs through out his coat, he won at the Royal for me in his class, he was given to a friend’s family for their little girl, & then given to another family & last I heard was doing ok


Fenwick Delicia

Delly was a Shetland chestnut filly, lovely flaxen mane & tail, showed quite well for me, sold to a Carol Omant when I lived in the USA, not sure where she is now, though know she was being used as a broodmare.


Redlands Anna

Anna was a Shetland mare, stunning liver chestnut/white pinto, lighter mane/tail. Showed lightly she won a reserve champion Pinto at her first show in Tassie, then placed 2nd in her class at Hobart Royal, she bred me one foal ‘Tlinglit Storm Cloud’.

Anna died in the late 1990’s after being sold a year before to Carl Omant, Stormy was her only foal born in Tassie.


Tlinglit Storm Cloud

Stormy was born in our stable in the late 1990’s she is a part APSB Shetland Pony, & reg Pinto as well, she was a chestnut/white pinto, lighter mane/tail, very fine in built.

Stormy was amazing temperament, she would follow you about everywhere, showed for a 2nd place ribbon at 8mths of age, she was then sold to a Carl Omant, who sold her on, I found out she was in Sth Tassie in 2004 & was sold later that year.


Emerald Park Sunshine

Emmy is a Shetland mare, Palomino, foaled 1990, 10.hh, purchased as a yearling, Emmy had won a championship at an Ag. Show before arriving in Tassie, Emmy was amazing as a show mare, she won in the 1990’s nearly all her classes in breed rings, before moving on to take Champion’s most of the time, she won in both Shetland & Palomino classes.

A Royal Hobart show reserve champion at her first Royal, & placing either 1st or 2nd in the following years.

While living in the USA I leased her out & she was ridden, she came back to me about 4 years ago & was re schooled, she is very well behaved.

Emmy was brought out of retirement in 2004 for the Royal & placed 3rd & 4th, but was upset by all the hype, but she has since settled back down & is in foal to ‘Otway View Montecarlo’ for an early December foal.

Emmy will go to stud in the spring hopefuly to get in foal.


Llangollen Rock Star

Rocky is my newest addition, he is a reg. Welsh Section A Gelding, chestnut, 2 hind stocking, large stripe. He was born in 2003, so only a youngster, but is showing great potential.

Shown with his old owner for a Champion & a Reserve, we look forward to showing him, later on he will be broken to saddle, he is very cheeky & loves to follow you about watching you work.

Rocky starts his education now he is 3, so far he has an awesome temperamant though at times he will gallop about near the dogs yard to stir them up.



Skeet is actually my sisters horse who lives on my property, he is a 14.1hh Thoroughbred X stock horse, chestnut with 3 stockings & a large stripe.

He will be 29 in 2005 & had a very hard life before we got him, his owner has been shot & all her horses where sold at auction, Skeet had been abused so it took many years of TLC to bring him to believe that not all humans where horrible, occasionally he still acts up, but is a very friendly, loving pony.

Skeet passed away 14th feb 2006 due to an illness

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