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Millie's All Breed Awards……

4th June 2005Mr R. Broomhall & Mrs F. Harris (Tas)Baby Puppy in Group
4th June 2005Mr J. Connell (Tas)Baby Puppy in Group
18th June 2005Mrs K. Monk (Vic)Baby Puppy in Group
25th June 2005Mr M. Tonks (Tas)Baby Puppy in Show
9th October 2005 Mr D. Tidswell (SA)6pts, RUBOB
15th October 2005 Mrs B. Hession (NSW)6pts
23rd October 2005 Mr B. Anderson (NZ)Minor Puppy in Group
13th November 2005 Mrs D. Patterson (SA)7pts
26th November 2005 Mr HP. Luyten (VIC)6pts
14th January 2006 Mr M. Camac (SA)6pts, RUBOB
26th January 2006 Mrs S. Tringham (QLD)6pts, RUBOB
28th January 2006 Mr E. Soti (SA)6pts, RUBOB
29th January 2006 Mr W. Egan (SA)6pts, RUBOB
11th February 2006 Mrs P. McLeod (QLD)7pts, POB
26th February 2006 Mr R. Curtis (NSW)6pts, RUBOB
4th March 2006 Miss M. Patten (NSW)6pts, RUBOB
18th March 2006 Mrs A. Anagnostis (TAS)6pts, Junior in Group
9th April 2006 Mr B. Cleland (SA)6pts
6th May 2006 Mrs G. Gilbranson (NZ)6pts
7th May 2006 Dr Lim (Singapore)6pts, RUBOB
20th May 2006 Mrs J. Horton (VIC)6pts
21st May 2006 Mrs J. Edwards (QLD)6pts *New Ch*
10th June 2006 Ms L. E. Dorr (QLD)6pts, RUBOB Junior in Group
15th July 2006 Mrs D. Fenton (NSW)6pts
5th August 2006 Mrs H. Pedersen (NSW)6pts
12th August 2006 Mrs C. Stoate (VIC)6pts
23rd Sept 2006 Mrs J. Walsh (Ireland)7pts


Millie has had a break from the ring due to her having her major junior coat drop Oct 2006-Jan-2007

Millie will be out again in the ring early 2007 & is maturing quite nicely.


26th Jan 2007 Mr D. Bowe (NSW)7pts
25th Feb 2007 Mr David Strachan (NSW)7pts

Millie's Other Certificates Achieved:

  • Millie has also passed one leg of her ‘Herding Instinct test” on the 11th Sept & had only turned 6mths of age, making her possibly the youngest Aussie to pass a leg at this age, the judge was Mrs R. Sutcliffe (Vic) scoring 6/10
  • 20th Nov 2005: gains her second pass, scoring 9/10, also going on to place first in her section, beating 9 other different breeds, judge was Mrs Chris Szczygieski (VIC) who commented that “The best young Aussie she has ever seen working”!!!! for her first title- HIC

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