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When choosing a puppy/mature dog it is wise to contact your state Canine Association who can you put you in touch with reputable breeders.

Most breeders if you live close enough, don’t mind you coming to look at their kennels & dogs, if unable to do this then even going to a local dog show & talking to breeders, this way you can see the dogs.

Buying from registered breeders (you can check with your local canine association who can tell you if they are a current member) you can be assured that the breeding stock has been health tested to make sure there are no know problems, & most breeders will be able to show you the cleared papers, all dogs should be tested for the following:

Eyes- these should be tested each year, especially breeding stock.

Hips/Elbows – These are checked when the dog is about 18mths old, the dog is sedated & x-rays are taken, and then sent to a specialist.

You should be looking for a breeder who socializes their puppies, most breeders feel responsible for bringing the puppies into the world, & they want to make sure they are going to kind, caring, well loved homes.

Ask how many litters they have per year, most responsible breeders will only have a few litters per year, & if you can talk to the owners of those puppies, so you can see what temperament’s they have.

Most breeders will ask questions or get the buyer to fill out a form with questions like this on it:

  • Do you have a preference for a male/female??
  • Do you want a companion/pet or do you wish to show??
  • What interests do you hope to eventually do??
  • Do you plan on training your Aussie in basic obedience??
  • Have you ever had an Aussie before (or any other dog)?
  • Who is in the family, & ages??
  • Who will be training/handling the dog mostly??
  • Do you have a secure fenced yard??
  • How large is the yard??
  • Can you provide the exercise one/twice daily??
  • What area do you live in, rural, suburbia??
  • Do you work & what hours will the dog be alone??
  • If you are not showing/breeding will the dog be de-sexed??

(most breeders will give you a rebate which after the dog is ‘fixed’ you send in the vet's certificate saying its been done to the breeder & they will send you a payment)

As remember the Aussie is a working dog, he will get bored if he has to sit in a small yard all day with no one about, & that is when he will start to dig, bark, etc…

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