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Fern’s Points…… Challenge awards unless otherwise stated

24th July 2004Mr G. Love (NSW)6pts
31st July 2004Mrs E. Maitland (SA)6pts
4th Sept 2004Miss J. McDonald (VIC)7pts
7th Oct 2004Mr Greg Eva (Sth Africa)6pts
********* Launceston Royal Show Challenge Bitch *********
16thOct 2004Mr G. Maudlen (SA)6pts
8th Jan 2005Mr I. Smith (NZ)7pts
9th Jan 2005Ms E. Esktom (NZ)7pts
16th Jan 2005Mrs V. Morrow (NSW)8pts
20th Feb 2005Mr T. Dixon (NSW)7pts
5th March 2005Mr S. Rose (NSW)6pts
19th March 2005Mr J. Rice (SA)9pts
********* BOB Win beating Scandal!! *********
16th March 2005Mr D. Hyde (ACT)7pts
23rd April 2005Mrs M. Merchant (SA)6pts
24th April 2005Mrs J. McMurtrie (QLD)6pts
7th May 2005 Mr G. Kerr (QLD) 6pts
18th June 2005 Ms K.Monk (VIC)6pts
25th June 2005 Mr M. Tonks (TAS)6pts
13th August 2005 Miss B. Watt (VIC)10pts
********* BOB Win *********
Fern got her second BOB win & this would have to be her biggest win yet, she beat Scandal as well as her own brother Ice ( Cuebiyar Kennels ) who had flown down for the weekend, she was also pulled out ( one of two ) for Intermediate in group.
27th August 2005 Mrs P. Scales (NSW)7pts
19th November 2005 Mrs S. Gartner (NSW)7pts
10th December 2005 Mr J. Connell (TAS)8pts
24th June 2006 Mrs K. Sherlock (QLD)6pts
13th Jan 2007 Mrs G. Cook (VIC)7pts
29th Oct 2006Mr Adolfo Spector (Arg)Hobart Royal: 1st Open Bitch
27th Jan 2007 Mrs L. Stevens (ACT)7pts
28th Jan 2007 Mrs A. Bowe (NSW)7pts
10th Feb 2007 Mr L. H. Wilberg (Norway)7pts
11th Feb 2007 Mr F. Leung (Hong Kong)8pts

Fern’s Specialty Show Results:

Fern also attended the 2004 NSW Australian Shepherd specialty show:

  • 4th place Minor Puppy Bitch
  • In best headed was looked at twice over older bitches.
  • In best gaited was moved up near the front of the line.

Fern attended her second specialty show in Victoria Nov 2006:

  • Judge: Mrs s. Greendale-Paveza (USA)
  • although partly out of condition & out of coat, placed 3rd in the Intermediate Bitch class
  • Her critique was: 'Another nice moving bitch, needs a little conditioning due to weight'

Fern also won her Aus bred bitch class at other champ shows while over showing on the mainland, beating other bitches.

Fern's Other Certificates Achieved:

  • Tasmania Canine Association Herding Trial Certificate – HIT – 1 pass
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Herding Trial Certificate – HIT – 1 pass
  • HIT – Herding Instinct Test achieved
  • Herding Test - one pass
    Victorian judge commented that is she was kept going she would improve
  • Herding Test - Gained her second pass on the 11th sept 2005, HT title, under Mrs R. Sutcliffe (VIC)!!

(Fern achieved her HIT at only 8mths of age, making her the youngest Aussie in Tasmania ever to do this, could also be the youngest in Australia to achieve this)

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