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My name is Andrea Bosco (nee Kingston) I was born in Tasmania, Australia in 1969.

Growing up my family always had animals & our first dog was ‘Lady’ a mixed breed, who was a great dog.

I got into ponies at age 10 after driving my parents crazy wanting to ride from an early age, I was told Santa didn't have room in his sleigh!!

You can read more about them on the ‘My Ponies’ page

It was in the late 1990's that I went to America, as we had friends over there, due to my sister being an exchange student in the 1980's, I did meet someone & ended up staying, it was while was married & living in the USA that I came across the ‘Australian Shepherd’ in the local animal shelter where I worked.

Later when I divorced & came back to Australia to live, I decided I might get myself a dog to show, & found myself thinking of this lovely breed.

I then looked on websites & contacted Amanda & Ben from Cuebiyar Australian Shepherds, about purchasing a puppy if they had any for sale, unfortunately they wouldn't until another year, but was told I could be put onto other breeders who could help me, I decided to wait the year & am very glad I did.

I currently live at Sandford, Tasmania, which is about 20 minutes drive from Hobart, on 5 acres by myself with the 4 dogs, & 4 (soon to be 5) ponies.

I work full time, & spend most weekends with the animals at shows or at home or herding.

The dogs have two HUGE yards; the smaller one is used during the day so they have access into undercover yards as well as the grassed area, & have many toys to play with, plus each other.

I also love to collect anything to do with horses & dogs & frequent ‘ebay’ quite a bit.

I have a collection of model horses including customs, resin's Original finish & china.

My collection also includes books on horses/ponies which I have a wide range of titles, I have also started to purchase books on dogs, & especially Australian Shepherds.

I own a Thoroughbred which I raced with my mother & a friend, her race name is ‘Floppy Bumble’ & she won 5 races in a row for us, now retired due to a injury, she will now be sent to stud & we hope her offspring continue her winning ways.

In late 2006 I passed my Herding Judges exams both written & practical so can judge at ANKC herding events for 'Instinct Certificate' 'Herding Test' & 'Pre trial' levels, I am currently studying to be able to judge 'Herding Started' for my next exams hopefully in 2007.

Visitors are most welcome, though it is best to ring first, or come to a show & see the dogs if there is one on & you are in the Hobart area.


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